Beth Benhard


About Beth

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Benhard grew up in rural Louisiana and from a young age painted. Her mother & grandmothers encouraged her eagerness to paint with classes and prompting her first show at age 9.

She spent a childhood in the field and forest and loved interpreting all manner of flora and fauna with paints.

Beth received a degree in Animal Science at Louisiana State University, where she poured herself into painting and pottery to such an excess that there were no more elective classes available. She studied with Robert Bruce Williams, a portrait painter, who instigated an instant joy for oil painting.

Beth’s work is framed by incorporating her love of nature and her off-the-cuff sense of humor into expressionism.

She continues to study painting in many mediums and workshops. Her work hangs in many homes across Louisiana and Virginia.

Art by Beth

Before the Poaching


Fruit on a Pink Cloth

Where the Wood Ducks Live

Black Cows, Red Tree

Low Tide

Fish’n Creek

Early Light


The New Addition


Evening Round Bails

Strut Your Stuff

Runaway Onions

No. 22

Exercises in Orange


Out of the Bag

Bull Run Mountain

Lilies on the Pond

Sunset Sleepers

The Catch

Chesapeake Boathouse

The Bell Tower